Restoration of my

1972 Chevelle

Update 12/14/2006

After a long time and many different other things to do, I finally found time to go on on my Chevelle. Two layers of POR15 covered the chassis but it seems those weren´t good enough. I had a lot of rust coming out again after the frame was placed in a carport for two winters. I disassembled the whole thing one more time, went over it with three further layers of the POR stuff, and finally reassembled it.

Meanwhile the Motor and the 2004r found a place on the repainted frame.

Update 10/26/2004

The front axle is assambled now. New Hotchkis springs took place between the frame and the control arm, and new KYB Shocks will follow the next days. They are already waiting for installation.

These two original cast exhaust manifolds have been sandblasted and painted with POR20. It´s really worth the work. They look like new again.

The rear lower control arms have been boxed to prevent damage when assembling the rear sway bar. They just need some paint and they´ll look like original ones. (They came boxed, when car was equipped with a factory rear sway bar)

When that control arms are ready, they will be assembled and my Chevelle will stand on 4 wheels again for the first time the last 2 years.

Updade 10/01/2004

My next goal is the ´Rolling Chassis´! I´m working hard on my front disc brakes right now. Already finished the first one and it looks like new.

The 383 cubic inch engine is finished, too and it became pretty torquey. 470ftlbs @ 2500rpm! The brand new exhaust system from Gardner Exhaust is already waiting. More pictures will follow.

Update 09/07/2004

Cars come and go, so my wife sold her Camaro and bough a 1971 Buick Riviera. It´s a rust free and very solid california car. But it´s a used car, and so I´m still fixing some bugs.

The works on the Chevelle are still going on. I´ll have all parts I need for a Rolling Chassis soon. The PTS Transmission bell is welded, and so I saved some work in swapping the inner billet parts to the other case I have. I painted my driveshaft and some other chassis parts with POR15. Now they look like new again.

Now this is my brand new 1970 Cowl Induction Hood. It came off of a Chevelle SS and I bought it from Long Island. It has a lot of body work on it, but at least I have an original one and not a reproduction.

Update 04/05/2004

Meanwhile I decided how my driveline should look like. A 383cid stroker engine, a TH200-4R transmission and the 3.73 eaton rear end. The engine will be build by an engine shop, and even the TH200-4R is bought already. It still needs to be strengthend to withstand the power of the stroker.

Stock TH200-4r transmissions are pretty weak and were just found behind 6 cylinders and small V8s´. I decided to go with PTSXtreme parts to strengthen my trans. But then I found a PTS transmission on the net with just 10,000mls on it. The only thing is that there are some cracks in the bellhousing and 2 pieces broke off. But the trans has all the hardened internal parts and was build to handle up to 600hp so there won´t be any problem to handle my 383 either.

I´m gonna use the internal parts of the PTS Trans and put them into the case of the other trans I have already. I guess my driveline is bullet proof now.

Update 02/08/2004

A short Chevelle break...

Well, don´t think I am lazy or so. I´m just doing some major repair a 79 Camaro. It needs some body repair and will get new paint.

When this is finished I will go on with my Chevelle....

Update 09/12/2003

My first big order arrived from the states. It seems to become a pretty fast street car. High performance sway bars, new shock absorbersch, a master body bolt kit, some rubber parts, motor and transmission mounts ect.

Update 08/11/2003

The Chevelle frame has been sand blasted und painted with POR15. The same happened with the rear axle and fürther parts. Kidding around with Claus and his 440cid engine about who is the faster one caused me to order a brand ne positraction differential from EATON. A 3.73:1 ratio will show him for sure that nothing is faster than a Chevy.

I assambled the differential all by myself. Just with a little help from and the forum..

I´m also thinking of a TH700R4 or a TH200-4R transmission for better performance and a better gas mileage.

Update 03/22/2003

Meanwhile the frame of the Chevelle s disassambled and I started to go over the rear axle. The big order has been placed and now I´m waiting for new bearings and seals.

And here are some pics of my problematic areas of the body.

Tall parts of the rear window frame are rusted away

Update 11/19/2002

Well it looks like the Chevelle body needs a lot of work, so I built myself a rack for it in which I can spin the body 360° around, so I can easily work on the floorpanels just by turning the body about 90°. At one late night Claus (he has the 67 coronet on and I got the body off the frame and mounted it on the rack. Sounds pretty sweet, but it was a hard thing to get it where it is now...

Update 11/01/2002

This Chevelle is my first project and I´m spending a lot of time and money for it. I´m planing a FrameOff restoration and going over every part of the car because I want a Chevelle that looks like new when I finish this priject. I´m also planing to swap this 400cid Pontiac engine with the original 350 CSB that belongs into that car :-)